The MBA is a PG course in Education, which is aimed specifically for practitioners in education management, in both the public and the private sectors. The MBA is designed for education administrators who have at least 3 years of experience in managing skills.

The MBA course will enable the graduates to develop their careers in the field of   areas  of organization administration that require a broad understanding of business processes within the education sector.

Positions suited for MBA course include, heads of school, departmental leaders, curriculum designers, school and university registrars, policy makers, governmental workers, entrepreneurs in education (private sector).

Course structure

The MBA in Education is delivered in a block format, with 2 modules being covered every 6 weeks.

The modules are delivered determinedly over consecutive days in the ‘block format’, which means that each module has 6 days of teaching, which split into two blocks of 3 days. Teaching methods in MBA include group work, case studies, presentations, and live projects. The MBA course is delivered throughdifferent types of approaches including lectures, presentations and case studies, which give importance to interactive learning. Each module is teaches by two lecturers, often a full time lecturer and a guest lecturer from a partner university.

Areas of study

In general, Managementsubject’s addresses key issues of strategy, marketing, operations, human resources, accounting and financial planning, studied in parallel with deeper international corporate finance and investment modules. Students who studied MBA can gain research skills, which they can apply to academic or industrial projects to settle in their life.